Vine Ripe Melons™ from HARRIS MORAN are melons which reach maturity on the vine to optimize the flavor that consumers demand.

Vine Ripe Melons aren’t just a favorite with growers, shippers, and retailers. Our varieties have the quality that every consumer is looking for: sweetness, firm flesh, small seed cavity, and freshness.

Our seeds are non-GMO and our varieties are produced the old-fashioned way; by breeding. Our researchers focus on the quality that customers demand in today’s market place. Meaning, you get the freshest and firm, sweetest, high-quality eating melons available today.

If you don’t know if your grocer carries the HARRIS MORAN Vine Ripe Melon™ varieties, ask for them!

About Us


HARRIS SEEDS joined MORAN SEEDS in 1984 to become our US label, HARRIS MORAN. HARRIS MORAN was joined by FERRY MORSE SEED in 1998.

In 1996, LIMAGRAIN purchased HARRIS MORAN and with their outstanding reputation, LIMAGRAIN was set to meet the demand of local markets in the greater America Pacific region. 

In 2008, LIMAGRAIN combined two of its flagship brands, HARRIS MORAN in the US and CLAUSE in Europe, to form HM.CLAUSE, a single Business Unit (BU) dedicated to bringing high quality seed products to the global vegetable supply chain, and to consumers worldwide.




HM.CLAUSE coordinates breeding for a total of twenty-five species and leads the global market for tomatoes, squash, melon, pumpkin and mache. The organization boasts two state-of-the-art research laboratories, one in France and one in the USA, as well as eight home farms and twelve breeding centers located in twelve countries across three continents. Investment in research and development accounts for 14% of the organization’s annual sales and 29% of the total workforce.



HM.CLAUSE is a Business Unit of LIMAGRAIN, an international
agricultural co-operative group, founded and managed by French farmers since 1785, specializing in field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products.  LIMAGRAIN is the 4th largest seed company in the world.

LIMAGRAIN has chosen to organize its activities in Business Units (BUs).
The organization of BUs is its true strength. It enables LIMAGRAIN to listen to market needs, make decisions quickly, and be more agile to meet the needs of its customers.